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Flood Lights vs. Hanging Lights

Updated: Feb 26

On my last project in Jacksonville Florida, we had to demo (breakdown) a wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. Off course, I was looking for that open concept appeal. The perception of making space bigger than what it is, personifies the value of an open concept kitchen. One of the key factors in creating that perception is the type of lighting which can enhance the ambiance. When talking to a general contractor about your vision for the kitchen, keep in mind that flood lights as seen on the picture above, requires drywall work and electrical work. This can be a costly part of your remodeling project. Keep in mind, this requires the workmen to make holes in your ceiling and run electrical wires through it, so your property has to have attic space. If there's a second level above your kitchen, more than likely the workmen will have to create a man hole through your ceiling in order for them to go in and out and work on the lights. If you are bit weary about the complicated process of installing flood lights than you can always opt to hanging lights. Hanging lights are a lot easier to install than flood lights not to mention very cost effective on materials and man power. Depending on the style, hanging lights can make a dull kitchen pop out. It can be the center of attention when a person walks in the room. In my opinion, flood lights offer a more clean, and modern-contemporary look. Let's face it, the light bulbs are concealed within the ceiling instead of a frame hanging down from the ceiling occupying eye ball real estate. As you can see, it's all based on preference and budget when it comes to kitchen lighting. Whatever you choose understand that functionality is the main driver a buyer or renter looks for in a kitchen light…can it turn on?

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